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Love What You Do

Discover Your Direction

Maximize Your Potential

Confused About Where to Go with Your Career?

How often do you relate to the following?

Lost and lack confidence

Have you lost your mojo and struggled to know what lights you up?

Exhausted and stressed

Are you running on all cylinders yet still feel miserable and unfulfilled?

Stuck and low self-esteem

Don’t know if switching careers or positions is what you really want?

Career & Leadership Development Coach

Been There, Done That

I know exactly how you feel. Before I figured out my own path, frustration and exhaustion took over. I was mid-life and lost. How was this happening to me again? After applying endlessly for almost a year and getting nowhere, I chose to switch careers and uncover my ultimate dream of becoming a Career & Leadership Development Coach. I finally figured out my path.

Discovering this new path didn’t happen because I waited for it to find me. I studied and was on a mission to bring full conscious living into my life. I played the job of my own self-detective. With a unique combination of exercises, you can find and feel alignment for yourself and your career. 

It’s possible to love going to work every day. I’d love to show you how it’s done!

Design Your Dream Life

Leading the charge for "what's next"

There is a method to narrow down what lights you up and gives you fulfillment. I coach individuals to design and lead an empowered life of their choosing. Pinpointing the right direction isn’t a matter of trial and error or wishing and waiting. It’s a matter of bridging the gap between where you are at and where you want to go. It’s not always obvious to the average professional, but the path to a rewarding life already exists. And with my signature coaching program, Design Your Dream Life, I’ll reveal every step.

Love What You Do

Discover Your Direction

Maximize Your Potential

3 Simple Steps to Support Your Career

free consult

Get started with a free career clarity consult session to prepare for what’s ahead.

Create a Plan

Together we’ll create a  customized plan to remain accountable and focused.

Find Clarity

Spend less time feeling overwhelmed and more time focused on your dream.

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