Benefits of Core Energy Coaching

Today marks my last day of training to become a Core Energy Coach. With each step in this learning process, my self-discovery takes itself to another level. When I started this process I thought it was about helping others find themselves and get tools to empower them with. What I have learned is that in order to help others, I have to be empowered first. I have to do the work on myself before I can help others do the work on them. I knew that but I guess maybe I didn’t see how extensive that process would be.

This weekend we took a deep dive into the Energy Leadership Assessment tool that I am working towards becoming an administrator for. It is a tool that helps you become a good leader to yourself and others through deep personal awareness. Finding the energy that serves you and leads you instead of working against you.

By learning this process I am not only able to shift my energy but those around me. This in turn creates a feeling of inspiration and motivation for myself and those I am around. Understanding your greater purpose and the ability to get more done with less effort and stress. The other piece that is still somewhat mindblowing for me to literally see unfold is that you will start to attract positive and powerful people and success around you from this new space.

Have you heard the phrase Energy speaks louder than words? I know I have put that image in my social feeds the last couple of weeks. I read it. Believed it. And now I am learning how to help others understand where they are coming from energetically. Helping them live the life they so desire and deserve.

Want to learn more or try this tool for yourself? Let’ chat.

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