Clearing the Mind

I was recently having a coaching session and my client said to me “I used to live in my mind all the time. I did not have time to think, I just had time to do.” It kind of hit me hard.

How many other people live or have lived in their minds and not their hearts? Survival mode is one that many of us operate from more often than we intend.

I have always been one that finds clarity in getting things out of my head. This can show up by having a deep conversation with someone I trust, typing out my feelings (and then deleting if needed), or voice recording myself. It was a lesson I learned the hard way but so thankful I have mastered what I need to proceed and live from an intentional place.

This also came with time. When my kids were young, I didn’t have time to be as intentional as I feel I can be now. There was always something that had to be done or someone that needed something.

Listening to our heart and speaking from that place is life-changing. Others can feel how authentic you are. Your energy changes when you speak from your heart. Being connected to my heart has been the best gift I have uncovered as an adult.

A lot of this uncovering for me came through journaling, coaching, and therapy. There are many ways to journal. The obvious one is to buy a beautiful paper journal and write when needed. I know several people who have theirs by their beds and either before falling asleep or when they wake up in the morning, make time for self-reflection.

My personal favorite is an online tool from Penzu. There is an online platform as well as an app and they both sync to one another. I have been in the car and pulled up the app and voice-recorded myself many times. So thankful I have the personal awareness that I need to get things out of my head in order to lift the fog and give me clarity.

How do you release words or thoughts in your head when it is feeling full? Need some ideas or tips? Let’s chat.

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