Bird Lady

I am a bird lady. It happened without me even realizing it. One day I didn’t even know to watch for them, then all of the sudden I am a proud “mom” to three bird nests, three feeders, and a birdbath.

I own binoculars and a bird book. I feed them all the time. I kind of feel like I am in a bird lovers anonymous group right now writing this.

You might be thinking I have lost my mind. Or you could be thinking, I share this secret obsession as well.

Either way, for me, this new fun peace-filled activity brings me calm. I love sitting on my deck listening to them chirp. I have no clue which bird sound is what. What a calling sound is. That is coming I am sure.

There likely is an app for that…

Right now I am just identifying and dog-earring pages of my book when I identify one. The photo on this page is of a cardinal that decided to show up as I was writing. Thank you very much universe for giving me the nudge that this topic is a good one. #intentionalenergy

I have learned that certain foods bring certain birds. I have learned that certain birds are bullies and others are peacekeepers. Some are helping their mate build a nest. Some are flying around trying to win a hot date (that is how I like to see it, I am sure there is a technical term here.)

What I have learned is birds are actually a lot like humans.

We have bullies in our lives. We have people who get on their perch and taunt us to leave as if the food was placed there for only them.

We have family and friends that share their prize food find with us. We have others that keep it all to themselves.

We hide out in the winter only to buzz around happily in the springtime like we have been caged up for months.

Transitioning into springtime brings many of us a great deal of emotional influence and motivation. Mentally we may have been coming through a tough winter. I know for me January and February are always tough months for me mentally. Historically what gets me through are the thoughts of what’s to come or the plans I make on my spring to-do list.

Socially we have been influenced as well. Our energy changes in the spring. We want to get out and see all our friends again. Check-in with the neighbors and see how many kids somehow grow up in those winter months.

I would guess these birds are kind of feeling the same way. They seem to be buzzing all over my backyard chirping for what reason I don’t know. But I can tell they are full of energy and motivation.

I hope this springtime weather gives you a chance to really consume this new season of energy that naturally happens. I realize we are in a pandemic and mentally it might be tough. But don’t forget the surge in energy is here. Dive into it and let it serve you.

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