Minding Your Own Business

Sometimes I get lucky and my walk is a solo one. Just me, the two crazy furry sniffers and all the sounds of nature.

I don’t know about you but as I have gotten older, I look for the quiet and peaceful spaces in my days. My family isn’t necessarily loud but I think for me this desire to find the quiet has appeared because the world has been so noisy for so long. This pandemic has been a welcome, peaceful, quiet time at home for me. I keep hearing so many others sitting in fear. I am not allowing my mind to go there.

Seed GrowingInstead, I am enjoying the softer hum of the interstate traffic by my backyard and the reduced airplane noise above. Outside my office door is the dehumidifier and I find the hum sound quite meditative. I can’t sleep unless my sound machine is on. Those constant low sounds are soothing to me.

So if you are feeling like your noise level could use a little tweaking, remember we have the conscious choice if we turn on the tv or hop on the computer.

The internet is guaranteed to be overflowing with noice – google, Wiki, Podcasts, YouTube, social media, the list is quite large.

Who knows how many of these voices that are continuously flowing in our head are actually serving us in a positive way or creating silent negative energy? Our subconscious is continuously on overdrive and how many of us are just stacking more and more in there?! I sometimes wish I could see all the “files” that are floating around in my brain.

So let’s shred some of those files. Turn things off. Get quiet with ourselves. Go inward.

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