Losing my job during the pandemic

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us. Add in losing my job (or any other heavy loss) and now my cakes just got frosted AND decorated!

To be specific, I lost my two jobs 374 days apart. The details of that are tough to share. But if I have learned any lesson along the way it is people connect in painful places. I hope sharing a bit of my story might help someone else.

If I were to tell you how amazing things are for me now is not only a lie but an energy drainer. How many times do you scroll through a blog or social post only to start the comparison game? And where does that leave your energy – depleted.

For the record, I am THRILLED to be coaching! Losing my job has allowed me to wake up and do what I love. The signs could not have been clearer pointing me in this direction. My eyes are wide open. Amazing people keep showing up. My Instagram feed is full of motivational and inspiring people who build me up and give me energy. I don’t dread Sunday nights. I love being my own boss and the flexibility I know have in my life is priceless. Taking a bathroom break AND doing a quick load of laundry is the balance I crave.

I just didn’t think a full-time coaching business was going to start this soon.


The number one characteristic trait I have cherished through losing my job is resiliency. I can take a crappy situation and find the good. Pivot in ways that help me instead of hindering me.

I have had to make some pivots since losing my job in May and get real firm with my plan. Now is not my time to sit back and enjoy the unemployment checks. Now is my time to make hay. The sun is up.

For a frame of reference, here is a quick snippet into my career the last five year.

  • 2015 – Started as a graphic design & marketing freelancer with an agri-business company and three months later, I was hired full-time as a Marketing and Communications Specialist
  • 2017 – Promoted (at the same company) to Marketing and Communications Manager – a position I LOVED
  • 2019 – In April that office closed due to a company-wide restructure. I was now on the job hunt and learning how to file for unemployment.
  • 2020 – Started in January as the Marketing Director for a technology company. This role only lasted four months. The details of this one are sticky, but I can sum it up by saying I was not willing to compromise one strong value of mine – integrity.

Know Your Values

Losing my job made me to ask for help

Which brings me to the question I want to ask you – are you living and working into your values? Are you compromising for the benefit of others and then leaving yourself out to dry?

I am highly guided by my integrity. I am also extremely intuitive regarding others. And when someone says they hold integrity high I get anxious. Because saying and doing integrity are two very different things.

So many companies say they hold integrity high, but their actions don’t match.

And then some companies make it all about their past burns and don’t even give you a chance to thrive where other people might have failed – that was my unfortunate situation.

My Truth

Holding true to my word and knowing my truth helped me through that sticky situation. My gut and inner voice did not yell at me. I knew my truth.

And that right there is what I am so proud of. Knowing myself and understanding my Why, my Who, and my inner voice has been a game-changer. And friends, that is what coaching is all about. Connecting back to our Who.

So, if you are finding yourself miserable in your job, your values being put into question, or a victim of job loss during this pandemic, I want to talk to you. I can help. I have been there.

Schedule a FREE discovery call with me – I welcome connecting and learning more about your situation and how I might be able to help.

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