How to reinvent your career at 45 – Stage 1

Many people have limiting beliefs around reinventing their career after entering the 40s. But I am proof that this can be done! I am going to share with you how to reinvent your career at 45.

I will be the first to admit that I had some gremlins show up for me and they gave me a good beating. How in the world can I show authority and credibility in a new field? How can I compete with a younger or more experienced generation? For sure EVERY hiring manager would pick them, right?!

In my Design Your Dream Career program, I address the five stages to reinvent your career and step into a job you love. And in true confession, these are the steps I took. ?  See what I did there? We all think there is some science behind getting what we want when in fact all we need to do is look inward.

How to reinvent your career at 45Here are the five stages on which my Design Your Dream Career program is based on.

  1. Mindset
  2. Motivation
  3. Mission
  4. Mechanics
  5. Momentum

Stage 1 – How to reinvent your career at 45 (or any age!)

Today I am going to focus on the first stage – mindset. Becoming a coach was a deep journey within me. When I set out to attend my first in-person module, I assumed the training was all about everyone else, learning the tools and techniques to help them.

While I did learn amazing tools and techniques, I was turned upside down and shaken out. I learned that before I can help someone else, I need to dive deep into my own mindset. I guess the adage “Put on your own face mask before helping others” is indeed true!

The coach training program that I participated in, IPEC, requires 90 hours of in-person training. We had 3-10 hours days over the course of three weekends. The weekends left me energized and overflowing with inner wisdom on ME. My limiting beliefs were written on paper. I got very close to my gremlin as he showed up in 3D! My self-sabotage was completely dissected all over the table for the whole class to see. It was time to accept my reality.

And guess what happened next – CHANGE!

Internally I felt energy literally flowing through my blood. Someone woke me up. What I thought were facts about me and things I couldn’t change, changed. My personal story was now adding another chapter.

Limiting Beliefs

This new awareness was all happening shortly after I lost my job (the first time) and I was convinced there was nothing next for me. Surely, my skills were less than everyone else’s. Surely, I was not good enough or had the right experience to get that job…

Halfway through my coaching program, I had a few interviews. I remember hardly prepping on the details about me; I knew them so well because I was living them! (Side note – this is the same gal that carried an ice pack, in her pocket, hoping to control her nervous hot flashes. “You did what my husband asked?”)

Core Beliefs

Clarifying your core beliefs is pivotal. I was now embodying my beliefs and wasn’t striving to be someone I wasn’t. I was just me, all 100% of my core beliefs. The confidence and energy soared through my words. I felt it in me and in them listening to me. I almost felt like they wanted to have more of what I was having…

And then, I got what I would describe to you as my dream marketing job. I showed up like me, shared my knowledge and skills, and beat out several other highly skilled individuals. My boss, at the time, told me that I was the most well-rounded for the job but definitely not the most experienced. And that was the reason they hired me.

That feeling right there. That is the feeling I will take my clients through in stage one. We will dive so deep into their knowing where there is not a way to hit reverse and go back to the old. The new mindset is solidified.

Interviewing doesn’t have to come with a whole set of nerves and self-sabotage. Knowing yourself and connecting back to your Who gives you firm ground to know that you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you.

Want to dig into your Who? Want to learn how to reinvent your career at 45? Let’s hop on a call and I can share more about my Design Your Dream Career package.

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