How to Practice Gratitude

This time of year allows us to step back and reflect on our blessings. I, like everyone else, have found myself in lots of conversations lately around gratitude. So I thought I would share how to practice gratitude with you all. We have all heard the benefits of practicing gratitude over and over.

And who doesn’t want to taste a bit of that?! But my problem was that I could never get myself to consistently take the time to write things down. So I tried saying them in my head. Still didn’t feel the benefits.

And then…

One day I scrolled across an image called the Gratitude Bomb on Instagram. Just the name had me intrigued. Then I saw that it involved adding in some creativity and it gave me prompts and areas to think about where I might be feeling gratitude.

I instantly knew this was MY answer! I can be creative AND feel good – sign me up!

So I crafted the idea to work for me. When I think about living a balanced life, I head straight to the wheel of life. It allows me to seek thoughts in all areas, not just one or a commonplace I tend to gravitate towards.

And I can say, this new practice has stuck. And best of all, it HAS definitely helped me. Feeling gratitude in all areas of your life creates a sense of balanced energy that I didn’t even know I was missing.

And now in the spirit of this season, I want to share it with you. To access it, click here. I hope you will give it a chance and see the benefits for yourself when you practice gratitude.

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