3 Silent, Yet Powerful, Career Change Moves to Make

It’s a cloudy Monday morning. 

As you sip your steaming mug of coffee and set up for work, your coworker saunters over, asking: “So, you’re thinking of a career change?”

Your heartbeat surges, thundering in your chest as you freeze in place. 

You rack your brain, desperately trying to recall telling anyone at work about your struggles of late: the frustration of being a midlife professional woman earnestly seeking fulfillment and questioning everything, including your career.

Surely you’d kept that under wraps?

Surely you’d shown up faithfully over the months, completing great work and keeping those other matters private.

Alas, your blank stare betrays the mental gymnastics going on inside, and your colleague unwittingly puts you out of your misery. “I’ve just noticed some of your activity on LinkedIn lately, that’s all. One of the articles you liked last week popped up in my feed.”

Okay, so maybe that didn’t happen.

But as someone who once wrestled with finding a genuine career and life fulfillment, I completely relate to anyone who’s terrified that others will catch on to their soul-searching struggles. 

The consequences of that happening (imagined or otherwise) are so daunting that some of you are in full-on incognito mode, stalking coaches like me (*wink*), vigilantly making sure you don’t slip up, and accidentally hit that like button for all the world to see.

Listen – I totally get that. In fact, I’m a huge proponent of moving in silence.

Today, I’m sharing three silent yet powerful career moves you can make until the time to strike and go all in is right. 

1 – Develop a Champion’s Mindset 

If you’re itching for a change, this might be the last thing you want to work on. But until you sort out the internal stuff, you won’t have the peace and stability needed to achieve satisfying and lasting transformation (whatever that looks like). When I say champion’s mindset, I’m talking about forging heart-felt beliefs like:

  • You are worthy of happiness
  • It’s not too late to change
  • Choosing what’s best for you isn’t selfish
  • The reward is greater than the sacrifice
  • Failure isn’t the end of the world

I’m talking about shattering self-sabotaging lies keeping you from everything you deserve.

2 – Cast a Broad Vision

Give yourself permission to dream and work out what life and career satisfaction mean for you. I urge you not to default to what you think you should want out of life or bow to the pressure you might be feeling to escape from a rut. For instance, I often talk to women who feel like they’ll only be happy once they find a new job or switch vocational paths entirely. Sometimes a drastic change is necessary – but I believe it’s possible to cultivate happiness exactly where you are with some adjustments. 

Start by connecting with your deepest values and use them as building blocks that you refuse to compromise on. 

3 – Set Small, Manageable Goals

Want to avoid getting intimidated by your aspirations? 

Dream big dreams and set small goals. 

For example, maybe you love specializing in project management but aren’t too crazy about your industry. Your BIG dream may be to shift into an entirely different one. Your small goal can be to join a monthly networking group and start connecting with professionals who are where you want to be.  

The key is to make time to work on yourself. Mindset blocks, personal and work responsibilities, and other distractions can easily eat into your motivation to get things done. Create a dream career routine, which can look something like this: 

  • Mondays: Resume update and skills assessment
  • Tuesdays: Professional development (e.g. taking courses)
  • Wednesdays: Break
  • Fridays: Networking
  • Saturdays: Break
  • Sundays: Goals review and reflection

Schedule time in your calendar and stick to it! 

I See You – Here’s Where to Start Considering a Career Change

All the professional women who follow but don’t interact with my content out of fear that someone else might notice they’re talking to a career and leadership coach?

I see you. I was you once upon a time. 

I know what it’s like to feel miserable, confused, and stuck.

And this is my message: 

Don’t give up. Keep reading. Keep wanting more for yourself because you’re worthy of it.

Not sure where to start?

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