How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward in 2022

Many women who connect with me often report feeling stuck in some area of life – relationships, finances, and, most often, career. They feel trapped in a rut with little to no forward momentum. And worse yet, they feel confused, frustrated, and drained of any hope that things will ever change. 

That’s how life used to feel for me until I discovered a powerful weapon: my ability to choose my response to life’s events and find solutions to propel me forward every time. 

Today I’m going to give you a glimpse into how to not feel stuck and move forward in 2022 so that you can build the life and career you desire. Stick with me until the end of this post; I will share some tips to help you mentally and emotionally not feel stuck. 

How Your Energy Affects Your Outcome

Have you ever heard statements like, “Her personality is so infectious!” or “His smile can light up a room!”?

Human energy is contagious in at least two ways: 

  1. Personally – your energy and attitude in one area of your life can often creep into other areas. That’s why, if you allow it, one awful moment at work can affect your whole mood for the rest of the day and make you feel like your entire life sucks (even if that’s not true).
  1. Relationally – when your energy is off, it affects your ability to lead others effectively. Leadership doesn’t just apply to people with formal titles, by the way; leadership is simply interacting with and influencing others. Your coworkers, boss, and peers can feel your negative or positive energy.

Why does all this matter? 

To build the impactful and fulfilling life you want at home and work, you must first learn to lead yourself. The kind of energy you bring to each situation can either guide you into victory or keep you in perpetual victimhood. 

That brings me to the two types of energy you need to know.

Two Types of Energy

Understanding these two types of energy will help you develop a heightened sense of self-awareness. It will also help you shift your attitude appropriately when faced with challenges, keeping you motivated and inspired even when things go adrift. 

What happens when the hard stuff happens in life? 

What happens when your coworker gets that coveted promotion, and you don’t? 

Your response will generally fall between two spectrums.

  1. Catabolic Energy

You can also refer to catabolic energy as “stressful energy.” It’s typically your immediate response to “bad” or stressful situations. 

This energy type can be beneficial at first because it gives you the boost needed to create that initial “fight or flight” reaction. However, staying there is dangerous because it can negatively alter your perception. Which results in becoming resistant, avoidant, and unable to develop constructive solutions to actual or perceived problems. 

  1. Anabolic Energy

The other type of energy is anabolic. It is constructive and growth-oriented. It helps you have a holistic sense of what is going on in and around you, empowering you to create solutions for achieving long-term, positive, satisfactory results.  

See the difference?

While catabolic energy can trap and make you feel like you are in a rut, anabolic energy will do the opposite. It will help you gain movement and energy, releasing those stuck feelings.

Discover the Truth About Your Energy With My “Get Unstuck” Assessment 

I discovered the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (what I call the “Get Unstuck” Assessment for my career and leadership coaching clients) during my ELI-MP certification training.

Before that, I allowed negative, victim energy to rule over me. It became the instant wild, get out of jail free card I gave myself whenever something hard came up, and as a result, I remained stuck in my career and life. 

Once I learned how to make my energy work for rather than against me, I became empowered to create my dream life.

What is the Get Unstuck Assessment, and How Does it Work?

This attitudinal assessment shows you what level of energy, catabolic or anabolic, you are experiencing when you show up under normal circumstances and while feeling stress. These results look at the various areas of your life and give you a glimpse into your general attitude and self-awareness. Knowing this helps is the first step to making any change. Once you can recognize your gaps, you can then modify any harmful behaviors or thoughts that could be preventing you from moving forward. 

The truth is, getting unstuck choice. As long as you think it’s not up to you, you will remain a victim and feel powerless to change your life and career. Once you face and accept your part, you will experience strength and freedom you never knew existed. 

Want to learn how to get unstuck? Contact me for a free career clarity consult. I’ll walk you through how to take the assessment, interpret the results, and shift your energy and circumstances!

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