Embodying a Mindset that Looks for Opportunities Instead of Obstacles

I talk to all my clients about their mindsets. I have found that many don’t realize they are limiting themselves with their words when they are actively trying to get a promotion, a raise, a new job, etc. They look at opportunities and can’t help but see obstacles.

It’s once they begin to recognize they are limiting themselves through a fixed mindset that they start to see obstacles as opportunities. And that is when the magic happens.

Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset 

What is a fixed mindset?

People with fixed mindsets believe their capabilities have limits. They know everything they need to know and refuse to learn anything more about a subject. Do you know the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Someone with a fixed mindset said that.

People who place limitations on themselves tend to get frustrated when asked to do something “outside of their wheelhouse” because they don’t know how or believe they are not good at it. They forget that if someone asked them, that person likely thought they might be good at it. We tend to forget that essential piece. Often, others see our gifts and talents way before we do.

People with fixed mindsets might not feel right about the task and try to find ways out. Sometimes they might even experience mental blocks. They simply don’t believe they can grow.

What is a growth mindset?

People embodying a growth mindset see obstacles as opportunities to learn something new. They may make mistakes, but they will learn from them and become more skilled. This mindset shift is starting to prove essential for career success.  

Challenges are faced head-on and may not get solved on the first try, but through continual effort and knowledge learned from past mistakes, the person grows and becomes better at the subject, task, etc. They may be hesitant or nervous, yet they keep an open mind and go for it anyway. Even if they fail, they come out on top because they will have learned something and will be more confident the next time the obstacle gets in their way.

Recognizing Your Current Mindset

The first step to understanding your mindset is recognizing when you experience limiting beliefs. Imagine that you read a job description for an open position at your current company. It is for a position that would be a level up for you. But as you read through the qualifications, you realize some are utilizing skills or knowledge where you lack knowledge and confidence. The idea of becoming accountable for those deliverables is making your palms sweaty.

Do you dig into some research and find resources to help you better understand how you can gain knowledge and educate yourself in those areas? Or do you ignore the job posting because you know someone more qualified will get it? Why even bother even though it’s your dream job?

Notice the way you speak to yourself and where you place your limitations. It’s okay not to be perfect!

Once you recognize when you are in a fixed mindset, you can acknowledge it and practice moving past it.

Making the Mental Switch

It will take time and effort, but the reward for a growth mindset is worth it. When an obstacle comes your way, acknowledge it, then brainstorm how you can get through it. Continually putting in the effort to overcome the obstacle rather than letting it become a permanent fixture will be the catalyst that helps you grow.

You get to change your internal beliefs about yourself. Believe in your abilities. Know you are capable of learning new things. Keep an open mind when you approach a challenge. You will learn from your mistakes and become the best version of yourself.


If you feel like making the metal switch from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset is overwhelming, it’s okay. You are not required to do it alone.

As an experienced coach, I have helped countless women push past their limitations. Let’s connect if you are ready to ask for help and discover what life could be like with a growth mindset.

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