I lost my job. Now what?

The emotions come in waves after being laid off from a job. Whether you hated your job and saw it coming or loved it, the message came as a shock. Being let go is never an easy transition. If you are reading this because you recently lost your job, I am sorry you are facing uncertainty and being forced to find a new position – but you are in the right place.

As a career coach, I support clients to find careers where their skills are utilized and they can thrive. Sometimes you can plan your exit, update your resume, and smoothly transition into a new career. Other times you may feel like your legs were kicked out from under you. If you feel like the latter, you must first understand that if you lost your job, it was not personal. You may even find being let go was a blessing in disguise! 

Before you dig up your resume and feel stressed about finding a new job immediately, read on. Below are some thoughts on what to do when you lose your job. These are based on my experience working with people who were once in your position.

What To Do When You Lose Your Job

Give Yourself Space to Grieve

When you lose your job, you also lose a piece of yourself. You lose your daily routine and your coworkers that became friends. You are allowed to feel all the feelings associated with losing your job. Even if you hated your job, you might still feel like your confidence has wavered.

Take time to process the anger, embarrassment, guilt, self-doubt, fear, sadness, etc. If you have to delete your social media for a week to refrain from seeing comments about your ex-employer, do it. Confide in a close friend to vent to if you need. Let your feelings out, but don’t let them get to you. After you take time to feel your feelings, then you can move on.

Find the Silver Lining

After receiving the news you are being let go, the range of emotions you experience may not immediately contain elation or relief – but give it time. After you have dealt with the negative emotions surrounding losing your job, you may discover some positive emotions buried inside. You can wallow in your sadness and feel bitter towards your old employer forever – or you can look up and realize they’ve actually given you a gift. You have the opportunity to find a new job that offers better benefits and more money, or you can take the chance to explore another career path.

Harness the Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool when deciding to find a new job. First, you have to make sure your profile is up to date. Upload a professional profile picture and create a professional banner image. Next, update the summary information to demonstrate your story and grab a potential employer’s attention. Last, enter your resume information and any endorsements and certifications you may have. Although you shouldn’t immediately update your resume and start sending it to new companies after you lose a job, it’s advantageous for you to update your LinkedIn profile. This way, you can start networking with professional peers and stand out to recruiters who find your profile.

Decide How You Want the Next Half of Your Career To Go

If you were recently laid off, trying to find a new job right away may not be the best decision for you. As long as your finances allow, the time off may be exactly what you need. Now that you lost your job, you can finally take a breath and decide how you want the next half of your career to go.

Your future is entirely up to you. If you want to switch industries, we can create a game plan to make it a feasible possibility for you. If you want to stay in your industry but make more money and be able to spend more time with your family, we can work together to smooth out your negotiation skills and increase your confidence. As a career coach with decades of experience, I’ve helped many people find a new job that fits their personality and expertise. 

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