Make Designing Your Dream Life EASY

Designing your dream life can be simple. Take Stacy’s story:

“I’ve been doing this for so long. Without this job, I no longer know who I am.”

Stacy recently shared those words with me on a career clarity call.

Day after day, Stacy worked long hours and burned the candle at both ends to prove her worth. She told me she was bored, unmotivated, depressed, and unsure of what to do next. To put it lightly, she lacked clarity. Something as simple as deciding what to wear in the morning felt like a hassle!

Still, Stacy wasn’t confident that finding a new job was the best option for her. When she started at her current position, she loved her work. As the years passed, extra long hours and the pressure to prove herself wore her down.

Designing Your Dream Life: How It Works

When we worked through Stacy’s emotions and the stories keeping her stuck, we learned what motivated her. We talked about the things she loves and who she is outside of being a high-achieving professional.

During our work together, Stacy rediscovered parts of herself she had buried a long time ago.

And we got clear on why she felt the need to work so much and constantly push herself. Stacy thought she was putting her nose to the grindstone to prove herself to others. But that wasn’t the truth.

The truth was Stacy was trying to prove her worth to herself.

When Stacy stopped working crazy hours and started delegating more work, the pieces fell into place. She got compliments about her new mindset, efficiency, and overall work performance.  

The fact is most of us don’t have it all figured out. We grow in our careers. Years pass. Before we know it, we’re in our 40s and 50s, unhappy with our jobs and circumstances, and wondering how we ended up where we are now.

It’s scary and uncomfortable, and it’s really, really normal.

Uncertainty about your long-term goals – who you are as a person and a professional. Understanding where one ends and the other begins and uncertainty about your next step points to one thing: you’re ready to do the work. You’re on the verge of something. You’re ready to design your dream life.

Get Excited About The Design Your Dream Life Program

Your life isn’t something to power through. It’s not a cross to bear or a set of circumstances that happen to you.

You get to design your life and decide what happens next. You create your circumstances! But I know that’s not always how it feels. So I created a program to help you get there and gain the confidence to make it happen.

The Design Your Dream Life Program teaches the same tools, resources, and processes I used to reinvent my career at 45 and step into my identity as a Career & Leadership Development Coach. When you’ve completed the program, you’ll walk away with MORE clarity, direction, peace, energy, and drive!

Get ready for tough questions to help you identify your next steps and gain clarity about your long-term goals, whether changing careers or falling in love with what you do again. The program includes five stages to make designing your dream life easy. Keep reading to learn more! 

Stage 1 – Mindset

It starts with your mindset. As we enter midlife, a beautiful thing happens: we accept responsibility for our actions. We hold ourselves accountable and know our circumstances come back to us.

From there, we can dig deeper and closely examine your: 

VALUES | Gaining confidence and clarity starts with defining your values. Do you know your core values – really know them – and not just what you think they “should” be? Are you living in alignment with those values? Do they line up with your long-term goals?

ENERGY | Your energy affects everything else in your life. As a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), the energy assessment I give my clients is life-changing. Ask EVERY one of my clients, and you will hear the same thing. Knowing how you show up energetically under typical and stressful situations and how to shift your energy is impactful. You’ll think about conversations, relationships, and your next steps in new ways. 

PERSONAL BRAND | What is your brand? How do others perceive you? Does that align with what you want them to think and feel about you? Being conscious and intentional about who we are, where we’re going, and our likes and dislikes will help prepare us for what’s ahead.

Stage 2 – Motivation

Motivation comes from knowing who we are. When you can pin down what you like and what you want, you’ll be excited about taking the next steps.

INFLUENCERS | clarity is the key to designing your dream life. I see it often: clients come to me hell-bent on changing their careers. Sometimes, they already have, and they’re shocked getting a new job wasn’t the “easy button” they were hoping for. They’re still bored, depressed, and confused about who they are and what makes them happy.

The Design Your Dream Life Program gets clear on what’s influencing you. Why do you want to change? When we separate what is moving you forward and influencing you in a good way from the thoughts and beliefs keeping you stuck, that’s when the magic happens. We’ll hack your motivators to work for you. 

VISUALIZATION | What do you want your life to look like a year from now? What about five years from now? Be intentional about your thoughts and actions. Choose ones that get you closer to your long-term goals and the life you envision. 

Stage 3 – Mission

My job is to hold you accountable. We’ll work together to define your goals so you know exactly what designing your dream life looks like. 

GOALS| Goal setting is either working for you or against you. There are two types of people – people with impeccably organized planners, calendars, and whiteboards and people who could use a little help. If you fall into the latter group, I got you. And even if you have a planner and a system you love, we’ll ensure you’re setting measurable goals that bring you closer to where you want to be.

ROADMAP | You won’t get anywhere without a plan. In this stage, we’ll define the path your journey will take. Your plan will center around growth and progress. Together, we’ll create a customized roadmap that works for you and no one else.

Stage 4 – Mechanics

This is where we do the nitty-gritty stuff. After doing the inner work and gaining clarity about your mindset, motivations, and goals, we’ll focus on the little details you need to bring it all together.

Stage 4 of the Design Your Dream Life Program might include resume help, networking strategies, or mock interviews. We’ll get clear on what you need, then get started. 

RESUME | When was the last time you updated your resume? Not sure about the best practices these days? I can help. We don’t need to overcomplicate this piece. Your resume might assist in getting you an interview, and they’ll ask you to bring it with you, so we want to spend some time here. Then we’ll talk about cover letters and any other questions you might have.

NETWORKING | Whether you are networking online or in person, we’ll set you up, so you feel confident. In this stage, you’ll learn how to connect online and revamp your LinkedIn page. We’ll cover everything you need to know to stay up to speed in this new virtual environment.

INTERVIEW | The interview process is changing but shouldn’t be scary. Preparation is key. And knowing yourself well helps. Because we will have defined your superpowers and gifts, you will have content for days to share and showcase. We will take this piece as slow or fast as you need until you feel confident.

Stage 5 – Momentum

The final step is making sure what we have mapped out for you is sustainable. Designing your dream life is just one piece of the puzzle. You also need the momentum to keep going. 

This step is CRITICAL and often overlooked by Leadership & Career Coaches. When you work with just anyone, you’ll likely update your resume, gain some confidence, and go your separate ways–only to be back in the same spot way too soon.

PITFALLS | It’s inevitable: you will have some setbacks and surprises along the way. To keep you going, we work on your mindset, talk through the pitfalls, what they mean, and what you can learn from them, and strategize ways to stay the course. These are critical steps of the Design Your Dream Life Program. Know that I will be there to support you when you need me most.

WINS | Big, small, or medium wins are “wins” enough to celebrate in my book! You can either sit in the victim’s seat because you didn’t get another job, or we can shift your mindset, learn, and use your experiences to do that much better next time. We will ALWAYS celebrate your wins–no matter how big or small! 

My clients come to me feeling like a boat without an anchor or rudder. We find direction, purpose, and energy to get it done together.

What’s stopping you from designing your dream life? Take your first intentional step toward achieving your long-term goals. Let’s hop on a call! We’ll discuss your needs and whether the Design Your Dream Life Program fits you! 

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