3 Reasons You Deserve a Fulfilling Job

3 Reasons You Deserve a Fulfilling Job

A fulfilling job isn’t a big ask. It’s not unreasonable, unrealistic, or unachievable, and it’s definitely not out of the question.

In fact, you deserve a job that fulfills you. Your circumstances don’t have to be extreme.

Take Sara.

My client Sara told me she was feeling “very blah” about her job—and about life in general. Instead of giving herself permission to look for solutions like finding meaningful work, Sara was full of self-judgment.

“My job is fine. Why can’t I be happy?”
“I should be grateful for a well-paying job.”
“It’s not that bad. Other people have it worse.”

Her mind was a ticker tape of negative self-talk. It wasn’t helpful, and she brushed aside a very important truth: she wasn’t happy.

Sara didn’t need to be in dire straits for her discontent to be valid, and you don’t either.

Your worth has nothing to do with how busy you are. Burnout is not a trophy, and exhaustion is not a badge to wear. Love yourself. Advocate for yourself and your dream career. A fulfilling job can be challenging, thrilling, and engaging without pushing you over the edge. Yes, it’s very possible to look forward to what you do.

Discover 3 reasons you deserve a fulfilling job—then make an action plan to experience your dream career. 

You’re Your Own Best Advocate

The Declaration of Independence promises us “certain unalienable rights” (“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”).

If I had my way, we’d also have “certain unalienable rights” at work, and they’d be: you deserve energy and vitality, you deserve balance, and you deserve meaningful work—work that brings you contentedness, comfort, and peace.

These things aren’t “nice to have.” They’re must-haves, and everyone is capable of finding a job that fits these minimum requirements.

1– You Deserve More Energy

Engagement at work is recovering slowly after the pandemic, but it’s still low. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report, 23% feel “engaged” and connected to what they do. That means 77% don’t.

Employees around the world, including you, deserve better.

When you have a fulfilling job, you have more energy. Your overall well-being improves, and you bring more energy to your work, relationships, and personal life.

You deserve the vitality that comes with having a job you love. Make shifts to create more joy at work, and you will feel the difference.

Like a workout routine, a fulfilling job sustains you and boosts your energy levels throughout the day.

2– You Deserve Balance

A fulfilling job isn’t always about a promotion or a particular role.

In fact, a truly fulfilling job is about so much more than the time you put in at the office. Yes, it typically involves meaningful work, and a fulfilling job also gives you enough flexibility to create a meaningful life outside of work.

Many professionals wear exhaustion and being busy all the time as a badge of honor.

Please advocate for yourself and challenge this narrative.

You’re not meant to spend your life in an office. Work is just one piece of who you are.

I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the Wheel of Life. I use it with nearly all my clients. The Wheel of Life comprises 8 “spokes,” including personal development, spiritual awareness, fun & enjoyment, relationship, health/aging, personal finance, career/profession, and family/parenting.

Meaningful work is just one-eighth of the equation. Print out the Wheel of Life, identify the areas that need the most work, and see where you can make small, accessible improvements. For example, if your health/aging is low—maybe a 3 or 4—take steps to make it 5 or 6. Incremental change, like adding a few more reps at the gym, is always more sustainable than trying to overhaul your life completely.

Do what you can to make changes simple and achievable.

Another tip? Brainstorm ways to improve multiple buckets at once. If you rank low in health/aging and relationships, join a group class at the gym. Sign up for Zumba with an old friend.

3– You Deserve Meaningful Work

What is meaningful work? I’ve been talking about meaningful work and engagement at work quite a bit, but what does that actually mean?

It’s only natural to grasp at straws here. When people first come to me, they think the only way they can find meaning in what they do is to work for a nonprofit. This line of thinking suggests the only fulfilling job is a job rooted in philanthropy.

Not true!

In reality, just about any line of work can be meaningful. Does it align with your values and suit your purposes?

For some people, meaningful work is any job that promotes curiosity, passion, and engagement at work. If they enjoy what they do, they’re willing to go above and beyond for it. Think about event planners and photographers. Their work requires late nights, weekends, and travel, but they thrive because they love what they do.

Someone else may be perfectly content with an “ordinary” office job, a great team of people, and the flexibility to have their nights and weekends free.

Ultimately, meaning comes from awareness and reflection.


To cultivate more awareness and engagement at work, mix up your routine. Our brains are wired to remember novel experiences. Alternatively, set aside 1-5 minutes to bring laser-sharp focus to your present experience. While waiting in line for coffee, feel the cool, smooth finish of your mug. Smell the fresh coffee grounds. Listen to your coworkers’ steps and quiet conversation as they enter the break room.


Reflection is another critical component of meaningful work. Create a fulfilling job by scheduling time for reflection. Schedule a coffee date with peers to discuss your work and why you’re grateful for what you do. Journal about your experiences at work. When do you feel most engaged? What experiences make you feel more connected to other people—and to yourself? Are there experiences at work that make you feel more alive?

Bringing It All Together

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m onboard. I agree I deserve a fulfilling job. I deserve vitality, balance, and meaningful work. Sounds great! Now, how do I make it happen?”

I got you.

Get really honest with yourself. I recommend journaling and writing down everything you’re feeling.

Use your journal to clarify your values and determine whether your work aligns with them. If it doesn’t, give yourself some slack.

Give yourself grace while you find something new and permission to let work stay during work hours. A fulfilling job can be rewarding because of your role and because it gives you the flexibility to take care of your aging parent, travel, or make time for a hobby you love. 

Journal, reflect, and act.

Action is the cure for fear. Journal, organize your thoughts, put your hopes and dreams into words, and then make a plan. Write down your options. What are options A, B, and C? Putting them into words really helps me.

If you’re content to stay where you are or need to stay where you are, is there a way to feel more engagement at work—to change your view about what you do?

One way is to celebrate your wins at work. If you get praise during a meeting or feedback session, be there for it and enjoy it.

Another option is remembering work is just one bucket or spoke on the Wheel of Life. Allow yourself to explore other areas fully and be open to new experiences.

A client began volunteering for a local beautification project to find more meaning in her life. Together, the group planted flowers, fruits, and vegetables and completed light construction projects in her local community. That’s where she found new friendships and, ultimately, a better-suited career opportunity.

Get Out There and Put It Into Practice!

You deserve to be happy and have a fulfilling job. You also deserve energy, vitality, engagement, and a good balance at work. Don’t settle for anything less.

I’m in your corner and rooting for you. I know you have everything you need to make it happen. When doubts show up, I’m here to talk and walk beside you as you commit to more—more dreams, more fulfillment, more life.

When you realize what you’re worthy of, there’s no stopping you. Schedule a free career clarity consult. Let’s go!

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