About Jen

My Mission is to Help You Love Your Job

A little over a year after I lost my first job, I was in the same situation. Job two, done, and not on my terms. Both times I was caught off guard. I was feeling high on my career and full of energy. And yet, both times, I felt like I walked into a clothesline that I didn’t see coming.

The first round of being let go resulted in a bonus of seven months to remain an employee and work my way out. After I stood back up from the sharp cut to the throat from the clothesline, I proudly brushed off my resume and started applying.

I landed interviews. I also applied for what I felt were the perfect jobs! And then, I would wait for the reply… which often never happened. It was such an energy drain. Around this same time, I also heard whispers to look into something where I help others personally. I spent time searching for MBAs in Social Work but what stuck was when I learned about life coaching.

Looking back on it now, I can see how lit up I got when I found others doing this. It was like I couldn’t find enough people to talk to. I wanted more of what they were having… I searched old acquaintances on LinkedIn and sought new ones that appeared from letting the universe know I was curious! And the funny part was I was not one bit nervous about asking them 10,000 questions because I couldn’t seem to get enough. I wanted to know every angle of coaching. I Googled every program and found someone to interview at each of them before deciding where to go.

Investing in myself and my future was something I didn’t take lightly, and yet I knew deep within it was the answer. My intuition was guiding me along the way and brought me a sense of peace.

You likely spend over 2,000 hours a year working. Wouldn’t it be nice to say you enjoyed it? I believe it’s never too late to change careers and reinvent yourself. You can have the career you are dreaming of. No matter your age. The average person changes their career 5-7 times in a lifetime.

My process, experience, and expertise allow us to cut through the noise that is getting in the way. Clarity is sure to follow. We will prepare you for what’s ahead. All while remaining accountable, focused, and unstuck. By getting specific on your career goals, we will effectively and efficiently design your dream career strategy. Click below to apply for a complimentary career clarity consult.


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