Design Your Dream Life

It's time to get paid to use your superpowers!

Scared to Take the Leap and Reinvent Yourself?

After losing my second job 374 days after the first, I was left feeling exhausted and confused. I was noticing patterns of low-self esteem and deep frustration. How was this happening to me, again? I knew deep down I was a good employee. Why was no one else able to see that or want that?

Feeling discouraged, I spent time planning and dreaming. Two conversations were happening back and forth in my head. One was screaming, go for it – take the leap and step full-time into your dream of being a Career and Leadership Coach! The other told me I wasn’t skilled enough, and there wouldn’t be enough clients that could relate to my story. I was in a full-on mid-life funk. This stage is very relatable for so many.

How can I pivot from here and still make a good living? I want to do something completely different than I am doing now. I want to feel like I am contributing value to something. And yet I have no idea what that is or where to start.

It's Not Too Late.
We Can ALWAYS Begin Again.

The saying is true; blessings come from our biggest hardships. Losing those jobs allowed me to wake up and do what I love. I spent time connecting back to my inner self. What I enjoyed doing, what lit me up and allowed time to fly by.

I realized that just because I was mid-life, it was not too late. There are plenty of people looking for seasoned workers with my skills. And you can do the same. Our minds play great games on repeat. They try and sabotage what is actually true. Once you pause and listen, so much starts showing up.

For me, the signs could not have been pointing in a clearer direction. The difference was that my eyes were now wide open. Amazing people keep showing up, motivating me, and giving me energy. I was feeling movement in my life. And best of all, I no longer dreaded Sunday nights.

The Program that Allows
You to Love Your Job!

The Design Your Dream Life Program is a customized process designed to help you quiet the noise and identify the best path forward. The program is broken down into five stages.

Stage 1  Mindset – You will gain confidence and clarity around who you are and what gives you passion. This will prepare you for what’s ahead.

Stage 2  Motivation – We will learn how to spend less time feeling overwhelmed by creating actionable items that ensure you don’t get stuck.

Stage 3  Mission – Here, we will define your goals and get clear on your dreams and aspirations. This will help you remain accountable and focused.

Stage 4  Mechanics – Constructing the vital pieces needed to support your dream is key. This step ensures you are set up for success.

Stage 5  Momentum – Here, we focus on what it takes to maintain your focus and build your energy up. Maintaining a full tank of gas allows you to avoid the pitfalls.

We will navigate the waters as a team, yet this personalized roadmap will be 100% yours. Working from the inside out, you will be set up for success and ready to transition into the career of your dreams on your terms, not mine.

Each week we’ll get together live on the phone and review that week’s step. You’ll not only learn what you need to do, but you can ask me any questions, so you have all the support you need to move forward. We’ll hold these sessions three times a month so you will never feel stuck or alone and instead will be on the right track.

Imagine Finding "Your Thing"!

Imagine that feeling, waking up knowing what you were meant to do with your life, knowing that your best talents and skills will finally be used to their potential. Nothing compares to the certainty and confidence and sheer electricity of finding “Your Thing” and diving in headfirst.

Love what
you do

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and excited for another day doing a job you love. And then arriving home at night to a peaceful, organized resting place because you will be a source of energy instead of a drain.

Discover your direction

Having contagious energy where your co-workers want to engage in projects with you. Time is moving so fast your eyes are not locked on the clock.

Maximize your potential

Gaining a deep knowledge of your Who and feeling connected to your values; a sense of personal pride. Seeing opportunities and possibilities because you have changed the lens on the glasses you are wearing.

Ready to Get Started?

You know you need an answer to the question of what to do with your life. And you know how far you have gotten doing it alone. Why not try a different approach? An approach that has been proven to work time and again with professionals just like you. An approach that takes advantage of someone with true experience and expertise in the very thing you’re now facing. If you’re ready to try something new, click the button below and take the first step!


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